The 3 Best Ways to Learn a Language

Learning to speak in another language other than your native language is a fascinating experience. It gives you confidence when in a foreign country and you attain a certain achievement in your life, especially if you have always wanted to learn. Here are three ways to help you learn a new language and fulfill that long awaited dream;


Any project in life requires a lot of preparation in order to succeed, in the case of learning a new language, there is no difference whatsoever. You need to prepare your mind to start absorbing the language you intend to learn by listening to materials from that language. You can even watch movies or films speaking that language and try to understand what is being spoken. Buy materials that will assist you in learning that language such as pocket dictionaries, books and tutorials; these will help you to prepare to learn new words even before you begin your lessons officially. It is also important to schedule your time and allocate two hours every day to study or listen to the materials that you have already bought.


With the progress in technology, the internet has become a useful tool for almost anything. There are numerous sites offering study materials such as Rosetta Stone, Berlitz, DuoLingo, Learn Hebrew Wizard and many more. These sites are useful in helping you from absolutely no ability in a language to be able to express yourself in basic sentences in a few days time, whatever language it is, from learning Polish to learning Arabic. They are also great for teaching you the most fundamental vocabulary in the comfort of your house such as the, eat, there, I and even greetings.

The programs are prepared to teach from different levels of abilities in certain languages, and the more you listen and repeat the words, you will be able to speak the basic sentences in that new language. Though it is one great way to learn a new language, it is also useful to practice conversations using what you have learnt privately. This will help you master the language and boost your confidence as you speak, you will also be corrected if you say something wrongly and you will keep on learning.


Most people register for group classes to learn a new language, the disadvantage however is that most classes move at the pace of the lowest student and the classes may not even be held on a daily basis which drags the process. Learning a new language, such as learning Russian, is a fairly personal process and each person learns different words and topics at their own pace. Therefore a class may not be able to address the different needs of each student efficiently or in a timely manner.

One on one tutoring is one of the best ways to learn a language effectively and timely but it is also one of the most expensive. If you have the money, you will find that sitting with a personal tutor a few hours everyday is the fastest way to learn a language.

What to Look for in a Villa in Malta

Malta is a fantastic place to visit on holiday, with a huge range of fantastic countryside, stunning beaches and wonderful cities which ooze architectural beauty. Tourists come to Malta and stay in a variety of accommodation, from 5 star hotels to traditional Malta farmhouses.

One common option is to stay in a villa in Malta which gives you the freedom of self catering and staying together in a large property, as well as remaining close to all the main attractions in the nearby area.

Below are some tips of things to look for when booking villas in Malta:


Most people visiting Malta will be looking for one of the many Malta villas with private pool, so you can relax all day long by your own pool, without having to fight for sunbeds or drag a lot of floats and belongings to the beach.


If you’re choosing to stay in a villa in Malta then it’s likely you’ve chosen to do so in order to keep your group together and have plenty of room to roam around. Make sure you research in depth how big your property is and ensure there will be a enough space for all your party to relax.


If you’re travelling with children then you need to make sure that the villa you choose is child friendly and provides everything you need to look after the kids and keep them entertained. The pool will usually go a long way towards that!

Visit for more information.

If you take all these elements into account when booking your villa in Malta then it’s likely you’ll end up with the perfect place to stay on your holiday, and can worry about choosing which places to visit in Malta as there are so many fantastic things to see and do!

malta villa with private pool


Exploring Oban: Self Catering Holidays

The West Coast of Scotland is one of the most incredible places to visit, not just in the UK, but in the world. It recently topped the list for the best places to visit by Lonely Planet and deservedly so. bluehost domain search . With beaches that wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean, quaint little seaside towns and beautiful islands, it really has a lot to offer.

Oban is the perfect base for self catering in Oban with a wide variety of fantastic properties, and being situated in a great position from which you can go out and explore the rest of the area. Oban has holiday cottages, self catering accommodation, cute hotels and independent hostels to cater for any budget.

If you fancy staying in some holiday cottages in Oban then check out

Once in Oban you can then head out and explore the west coast. Take a boat trip out to islands such as Coll or Mull, or head down the coast and stop off at deserted beaches which would be covered in tourists in any other place in the world. All you have to do is pray for some sunshine!

Whatever you’re looking for in a holiday, you won’t be disappointed on a trip to Oban and the west coast of Scotland.

self catering oban



Making the Most of a UK Tour

The UK is an amazing place to visit and has a plethora of fantastic destinations to visit. From the capital city in London to the beautiful coastline in the South West to the glorious countryside in Yorkshire, there is plenty to marvel at. Taking a trip with specialist tour operators uk can help you enjoy this amazing destination all the more.

There’s no doubt you’ll be stopping in London on your UK tour. The capital city has so many world recognised icons it’s hard to keep track. Your tour operator can you help you ensure you get around all the key sites, such as the Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and whatever else you wish to see.

For more great places to see visit

From there explore the coast in the south west. Head to Cornwall to see beaches that would rival any in the world, and pray for some good weather!

From there head north and to the hills of Yorkshire. Every tour of the UK should feature a stop here. Have tea and scones in some classic old tea rooms and then head into the hills to enjoy the solace in the Yorkshire Dales.

The UK is a small place but packed with things to see and do. Make sure you speak to a tour operator in the UK who can help you organise the perfect trip and ensure you see everything you want to see.

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Paradise Bay Malta

3 Great Places to Take Your Holidays This Winter

The summer has almost passed by and it leaves many of us wondering where we can escape the bad weather as winter strikes in order to get some sunshine.

At Base Magazine we’ve felt this feeling many a time and so we’ve put together three of our favourite places to soak up some sunshine when the winter kicks in…


The Caribbean is the perfect place to escape for some sunshine. Whilst some people think that it is out of reach in budget terms, you’d be surprised how many great deals there are on the market out there. Whether you want an all inclusive deal or just flights and accommodation there are definitely some steals to be had. Of course, it helps if you can be available to book at short notice, in which case you can end up on a dream 5 star holiday for what will seem like a criminal price.


Oz is the classic place for people to head for some winter sunshine. Christmas on the beach with a BBQ anyone? It’s no secret what a great winter destination this is, which is why people flock down under every year to escape the winter blues. Whether you want beach time or a city break in Melbourne or Sydney, Oz could be perfect for you.


If you don’t fancy going as far as Australia then the United Arab Emirates make a great mid point. You’ll need to be ready for some serious heat, but if you can cope with it the you can sample some of the most lavish lifestyle experiences you’ll ever have. There’s no place better to live like a king in winter than Dubai.

Paradise Bay Malta